Drying Solutions

Wet to Dry in Days

With an average drying time of just 5 days for flooded residential properties, our customers avoid months of drying with dehumidifiers and are able return to their home sooner and with less disruption.

Commercial property owners and tenants benefit from being able to open for business again thanks to the vastly reduced drying timetable. This can help reduce any associated business interruption insurance claims. Our Thermal drying service quickly and efficiently resolves many of the typical problems faced when drying a residential or commercial building following a flood or pipe leak.

Days on Average


Reduction in Claim Costs

By using heat to dry a structure, we remove trapped moisture via pressurised evaporation, allowing us to dry structural materials, sub-floors and cavities without invasive works and unnecessary strip out. This vastly reduces both drying times and the need for further reinstatement works, which has helped our insurance clients reduce overall claim costs by as much as 60%.

Years Experience


Our evaporation drying solution resolves problems that traditional drying equipment fails to address.

By evenly raising the internal temperature of rooms we ensure moisture is drawn from deep within structural materials. Once drawn to the surface, moisture evaporates into the heated room and we then vent this out of the property.

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