Our Technology

Pro-Dry Services

We have heavily invested in the newest advances in Thermal drying technology. We are the first company in Ireland to adopt and use the DBK drying range. We have a full suite of equipment ready to help at a moment’s notice. Our state of the art thermal Drying system can help dry a flood damaged property in less than 7 Days. We also have a battery of New Refrigerant and Desiccant dehumidifiers. In conjunction with a sophisticated data system our operatives can raise, manage and maintain a controlled temperature environment that can be monitored in live time. In a 'surge' situation following a flood event, we can also co-ordinate and combine multiple systems, further increasing our efficiency and help get the customer back into their property faster after a flood or burst pipe.

Key Benefits

for residents & businesses

Fast Turnaround Time

We ensure residents are home sooner and with less disruption after an event such as a flood.

Supporting Businesses

We help businesses get back on their feet and start trading again.

Money Saving Solution

Our approach reduces strip out and the restoration reinstatement schedule.

Reduced Noise Pollution

We can avoid the need for long-term installation of intrusive and noisy equipment.

Key Benefits

for insurers & loss adjusters

Less Hassle

Significant reductions in alternative accommodation/business interruption costs.

Cost Effective

Significant reductions of reinstatement works and associated costs.

Customer Satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction as a direct result of a quicker timetable of repairs.

Documented Approach

Documented approach and validation of service from start to finish.

One-Stop Solution for
Water-Damage Restoration!

If you need advice on drying services or leak detection you can have a friendly chat with one of our staff members today. We'd be more than happy to help!